It's amazing,superb institute,which provides good environment. our instructor pays attention on every student and encouragous.she is too polite and caring.
During lock down they used to conduct online classes and she used to send videos through whatsapp and moreover if we are irregular personally they call us and enquire.

- Vijaya Kumari

I have been attending aerobics and zumba classes since October 2019. I would really say smitha our aerobics trainer is really a task master. She knows our strength and weekness and motivates us to overcome our weakness by appreciating our strength. I had an injury due to accident in my right leg. I must say she trained me so well that I regained my strength and could run 3k in just 4 months. Classes are very well conducted. Very professional with combination of workouts concentrating on our core strength. I would highly recommend and give a 5 star rating(may be more) for the sincerity shown in the work. Thanks smitha mam for bringing out the best..

- Shanthala Manjunath

I m attending aerobics and zumba classes since 4mnths, it was good experience since now..our aerobic trainer Smitha mam is a awesome nd well skilled professional trainer n aerobics nd zumba both..she gives really good task everyday to really boost our energy so I'm happy to perform with u smitha she brings out our energy n workout to perform well, the best n us to get good posture, more active nd flexible n us.. she plans our daily workout nd covered every part in a week such as swiz ball, medicine ball, stick nd poll workout with a part of zumba cls too.. nd lastly for relaxation been done in cls to get body to be relaxed after whole workout..thanking u soo much for being with u mam nd kalasadha academy.

- Vimala V

Hi myself Bharathi joined fitness class from 1 year my personal experience about the classes and Smitha mam trainer is wow,thank you for helping me get the most out of the limited time there is a big change in my energy levels and body .I see the impossible and you smitha mam see the possibile and strategy to get me there.i feel exhaustion and you say one more repeat,thank you for pushing me to achieve incredible results .don't let up on me even if I please you

- Bharathi Janardhan

I personally had an excellent experience in terms of the ambience, the trainers, as well as the services offered. The Aerobics and Zumba classes have helped me switch to a more fit and healthy lifestyle without changes in my diet (how cool is that!) and all credits to my trainer Smitha maam. She's been amazing from the get go and has helped me push my limits and make me a stronger version of myself everyday. The management has also been very polite and has responded to all my queries. The classes are also conducted regularly and classes missed are compensated. Overall, this place has been amazing in all terms.

- Keerthana Gomagan

It has been a wonderful experience to my daughter in this studio. She is learning Bharatanatyam from 6 years. Pruthvie Mam is a very dedicated teacher in the studio. Happy to be a part of this.

- Sheetal

My daughter is going for bharatanatyam ,the teacher is excellent with great responsibility. she teaches them and helps at every step to get that perfection and makes it easy for the kids to finish all the exams in bharatanatyam. Her way of teaching instills confidence in the kids.

- Kiranmayee Muthu

Amazing experience. First time in life exercise seems fun and makes me look forward to the class daily!! Lots of love to Smita mam!

- Krithika Subramani

I have been a aerobics student there since one year. The instructor(Smitha mam) is so professional. She sees to it that all our dance movements are perfect . She has command over her work . I am personally benefitted in losing weight post delivery. Most importantly it's a ladies batch so we don't feel hesitation in working out. My daughter is also her student for western dance. Her dance moves are loved by kids too. I strongly recommend this dance studio for ladies who want to lose weight ,fell healthy,fit and glowing.

- Pranitha P

My daughter is learning bharatanatyam in this academy since 3 years and it has been an amazing experience. The instructor knows perfectly the strength and weakness of her student. She teaches very nicely and explains each and every step and its meaning clearly so that there is no doubt left. Extremely happy with the teaching strategy and procedures too.

- Archana D Sonone

Dear Pruthvi Ma'am, We are blessed to find a teacher like you. You bring out the best from your students. I am sure my daughter will excel under a teacher like you who is disciplined, talented, passionate and hard working. Even during the pandemic, you made sure not to surrender to the situation. Online or offline you made sure individual attention is paid to each students and they attend the exam confidentially. Thank you Ma'am

- Bindu Vijayan

If you are one of those people who always thought to reduce weight..look into your old watvr u want n stil dnt think of puttin on few more extra kilos..n to add it..have a cravings fr sweeettssss!! then you can easily relate to me..cos i m one among those ppl..i hd tried almost evrythin..frm fad intermittent cudnt do nythin byon 2 weeks..n then ws bk to square one..nothin seemed to work..n how much ever I tried..i just gave up..but one day i got to knw about Kalasadha..heard abt i tot to try evn this institute..tho initially i wasnt so optimistic..not with the centre, bt with i knew abt mysel..n so i joined Kalasadha Academy for aerobics and zumba classes and 2 weeks into d centre..i saw people here who were realy serious abt d workouts n their weight loss..n seeing them motivated me as more than anybody it was Smitha(our trainer)..she was d one who motivated n inspired me d most..generally..we have a notion that wervr u hv ladies..sply wud talk more n work here Smitha made sure that we did our workout..she was more serious than us..she made sure that we achieve our goal..nt even water breaks were allowed fr more than part abt her was..she dint concentrate only on weight overall body fitness..she made sure that v do workout for the complete body..n this i can tel cos recently i hv been gettin lot of compliments..i hv lost a couple of kilos only bt my body has become more structured n that is givin me more confidence..I would like to thank Pruthvi as wel..cos she has been makin sure that nothing stops us from being fit..even in this pandemic time,she along with Smitha are makin sure that v follow  guidelines laid out by govt but continue to b it sharin recorded videos n askin ppl to workout in d comfort of their home n askin to share vdos...or conductin online classes.. We myt miss our classes but thet both are ALWAYS realy hats off to both of u..i just wana thank u again Smitha n Pruthvi for all the efforts you guys put n thank u Kalasadha..for not js inspiring me n keepin me it also gave me friends who also shared d same issue lk nw r keepin me inspired to continue this fitness fortunate to have selected this academy..thank you again..

- Neha Singh

Hi mam i joined aerobics one month before but personally i feel i know Smitha mam  pruthvi mam from many years they r so friendly and motivate us i thank them a lot after joining iam having good slp and increasing my immunity πŸŒΉπŸŒΉπŸŒΉπŸŒΉπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘smitha mam is best trainer and I'm fan of smitha mam children even they motivate as a lot luv u both dear 😍😍😍😍😍

- Vijaya

After my second delivery I had put on weight so much. I wanted to reduce very badly . Luckily that time I found Pruthvi mam and Smitha mam( Smtitha mam is my daughter's dance teacher tooπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸ»). I joined aerobics in Jan 2020. From then on my immunity is improved,have got strong muscles and bone and on  the way of reducing weight. My skin started looking youthful (got so many compliments from ppl aroundπŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜„). Smitha mam is the toughest teacher(she gives very few water breaksπŸ€ͺ) but she see to it that she cater everybody's needs. Kalasadha happens to be my best health trainer πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ». Thanks to Pruthvi mam and Smitha mam for taking extreme interest in these pandemic time to keep all of us healthy and fit.

- Parinitha

Smitha..... is extremely good when it comes to aerobics and zumba workout... where different workouts are involved...... She also concentrates on core strength which is very important for ladies.....Thanks to Smitha and KALASADHA academy for creating a platform for online classes .... which is very helpful during this pandemic..... workout at the comfort of your home..... stay home stay safe

- Ashwini MS

Kalasadha was the best thing that happened to me in 2020, I was a person who was very inactive workout wise and grew 20 kgs overweight.. I had never imagined going to aerobics would just change the way I see workout and my lifestyle.. Smita ma'am keeps you on your toes.. She teaches and brings out the best in you,  your posture, flexibility, stamina, pushes you to perform perfectly, plans your week in such a way that every part is covered and slowly increases the level of workout with different basic props like ball, 1kg dumbles, stick, chair..  and it is absolutely fun to be in the class with lots laughter and also lots of focus and determination.. I am very fortunate to have met them and be proud that I have reduced around 11 kgs of weight during the lockdown of 4 months just with online live workout and the videos they share. Absolutely the best people Smita and Pruthvi Ma'am.

- Sai Keerthi

I am attending yoga class and now I am more energetic and general wellness improved.

- Vivek

I am attending yoga class here and my back pain is drastically reduced and now I am feeling so easy to move, sit, stand and also while waking. I suggest that everyone shall and must try.

- DK Bhat

I am attending yoga class here and it drastically improved my general health and concentration. I suggest its a must try yoga here.

- Vinayak

Good teachers and friendly environment. My kid is more happy to go here for learning dance and keyboard.

- Kavyashree Jagadeesh

Great place to explore your inner ability, one roof for all kinds of activities with only ladies as instructors. I have personally experienced changes in positive ways

- Jhanvi Raghavan

One of the best academy .. which gives individual attention . I have joined for Zumba and it has been a month and I can already see the results which I expected. I would recommend for everyone

- Chaithra s

Good place to find good people and coach...Who can educate and guide people with dance and fitness...must explore

- Raghavan Sridhar

Definitely choose to rate 5 on 5. Children are truly blessed to learn our traditional dance form from Pruthvi. Smitha mam can lift anyone's spirits soaring with her positive and vibrant nature. Worth attending Kalasadha Academy. Anyone in and around Vidyaranyapura interested in Bharatanatyam, aerobic and zumba .. Just walk in!!

- Shaila Vijay

I am happy to be associated with Kalasadha Academy for the past three months..Joined for the Aerobic class being Smitha ma'am as a instructor..I would recommend everyone!

- Anu Ambuja

Loved the place and the enthusiastic atmospheric pushes you to give your best each day

- Vijaya D.R

My daughter learns bharatnatyam here . The institute is very spacious and good lighting. The teacher Ms Prathvi is an excellent teacher, regular classes, preparing for exams done very well. Overall it's fully satisfying. I am very happy with institute and mam Prathvi.

- Aparna Km

Note: These are the client reviews from Google reviews.