Coronavirus preventive measures introduced at Kalasadha academy

corona prevention at kalasadha academy

Below are the list of Coronavirus preventive measures introduced at Kalasadha academy:

  1. We daily clean our floors, steps and other items that we usually touch, with Dettol and Clorax, which are very powerful sanitisers.
  2. Non contact body temprature check at the enterence.
  3. We use most advanced Sharp air purifiers and ionisers to prevent spreading airborne infections like cold and flu.
  4. We have installed a centralised duct exhaust to get fresh air throughout the hall.
  5. All our children are entering the class after washing their hands with liquid soap or hand sanitisers.
  6. Maintain physical distance inside the class.
  7. Last 5 mins awareness lessons to children.
  8. All parents are informed to keep hand sanitisers to their children bag, so they can use it whenever needed.
  9. Informed to avoid using lift, instead use stairs.