Admission open for Bharatanatyam exam batches

Bharatanatyam exam

Admission open for Bharatanatyam exam batches Virtually or Online

We take all levels of Gandharva exam

  • Prarambika (1st yr)
  • Paveshika prathama (2nd yr)
  • Praveshika poorna (3rd yr)
  • Madyama prathama (4th yr)
  • Madyama poorna (5th yr)

Karnataka secondary board exams

  • Junior
  • Senior
  • Vidwath

New batches for all the above are open.

Eligibility to apply Gandharava exam

  • Min 1 yr of learning in Bharatanatyam
  • Age should be above 8yrs

Note: Those who finished 2yrs exam and want to continue can also apply

Eligibility for Junior exam

  • Min 4 yrs of experience
  • Min age of 11yrs
  • Adhar card is compulsory

All the attendees are eligible to take part in Gejje pooja which will be held by Kalasadha Academy

Last Date to apply exam is August 20th, Register soon

Contact us @ 9481930262, 6360469958