1st Week Quarantine Event

Drawing or Painting competition for our Kalasadha family members, rules and regulations are as follows

* Group 1(Age below 7 years)
* Group 2 (age 7 to 12)
* Group 3 (age 12 to 18)
*Group 4 (age 18 and above)

* 2nd May, Saturday at 4.30pm to 6.30pm

Sending Option
* please mail your 1min making Drawing video and final pic to kalasadhaacademy[at]gmail.com or WhatsApp at 6360469958 this number along with Name and Age of participants

Will be given on Saturday at sharp 4.30pm

In A4 sheet any coloring medium can be used for competition

Will be announced on Monday
 and winner's Drawing will be shared on social media like Kalasadha's Website, Facebook and Instagram page, and all WhatsApp groups

*Finished Drawing has to upload within 6.30pm, late comers will be disqualified
* Attractive prizes for winners will be given